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Marauders 1: Mog's Marauders has filled up quickly. We are now accepting applications to Marauders 2. Join Astenodar Darkbringer as he heads up the "Dark Marauders".
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Welcome to the Dawn of the Dragons Marauders guild!! 
We are a Roleplaying Guild that enjoys telling the story as our adventures go forth

Mogs Credo,
"To crush our enemies, see them driven before us, and to hear the lamentation
 of their kinsfolk"
The Marauders theme song:

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Sword of Conquered Kingdoms Crafting Update!!!!!

spiritwalker1313, Feb 19, 11 1:07 PM.
* Faustus has learned of a way to improve your legendary weapon, using powers taken from six demonic stones.
* Just one problem: he doesn't know where the stones might be found. Time for a treasure hunt!
************************************************** *************
My Dear Players Please Post Here Where you got those stones if you find one
And To The Devs, Thank you very much for this New One!~

Here it goes :

Stone of Farzak— Kalaxia RAID (NM)
Stone of Xarabesh—Lord Tyranthius RAID (NM)
Stone of Larpan— Bogstench RAID (NM)
Stone of D’rach— Vornstaag Cemetary quests, got it from Crypt keeper Quest. From MattDeCat
Stone of Arach—Kerebos quests (Ryndor, part 2) Quest
Stone of Zuxala—Kang-Gsod (Bludheim, part 3) Quest


From Katanas Note:

Haven't got any stones yet but this is my inter[retation of the clues

1. Farzak: Clue “A freak exhilirates

- Exhilirates = comes alive = Stein?

2. Xarabesh: Clue “Who was there that fateful night?”
- “Eye of Xarabesh” text says Lord Tyranthius slew Xarabesh atop Camlann Hill

3. Lyrpan: Clue Cryptic message
- Read text backwards = “When you cremated the putrid flesh of the abominable monster in magical flame , something was left glowing amongst the ashes. How this ended up in its guts you will never know”
- Bogstench – victory text - “Piece after piece of the rancid, stinking troll flesh is thrown into the libralu's blazing fire”

4. D'rach: Clue “Poweful mage, after wrestling from demonic owner. But that was decades ago and the mage would long since have been interred”
- Not sure about this one. Possibly Zombie Horde since they rise from graves?

5. Arach: Clue “Demon whose testicles were bitten off by hellhound”
- Kerberos is a hellhound

6. Zuxala: Clue “Terracles met her in north and bashed her brains out”
- Bludheim Quest: Terracle's Meander story has brains on floor = Kang-Gsod

GlaDagoon Advences to milstone!

spiritwalker1313, Feb 10, 11 1:49 PM.
Is a stunning developement, the Elf GlaDagoon, on the eve of Feb 9, 2011 broke the barrier of level 700! We are both awed, and impressed by this singularly achievement! Travel on Brave Elf...

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Mog of the Highreach, Jan 30, 11 5:12 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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